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North India – Best place to travel in December

North India

Diversity in culture, tradition, architecture, religion, wilderness and weather at every footstep. North India is a region that has tremendous surprises enclosed in its fist. From the snow-capped Himalayas in J&K to dry sand dunes in Rajasthan, North India encloses plethora of disparity at every move and turn. At one point you will see the alluring Dal Lake of Srinagar, mountains with snow covered pine trees in Shimla and at the very next pole, you will see bluff of dry sand dunes of Rajasthan. Perfect place for holiday destinations. What a contradiction??

Beauty of North

Beauty of North

But a common among them is the diligence that magnetizes everyone to embrace their beauty. Let?s start from the top-notch corner of the country, Jammu and Kashmir Tour. It's a feast for nature lovers. Girdled by beautiful snow covered peaks that appear phenomenon when the rays of the sun get entangled with it. Tranquil lakes with beautiful shikhara and houseboats, jazzy flowers, twiddle of heavenly clouds cuddling the zenith point are enough to make you fall for this place.

Beauty of North

Walking down the slopes towards Himachal, famous for its remarkable beauty and weather. With enormous places to explore and flooded with a plethora of adventure in Shimla, Manali, Kasauli and much more. No wonder if you are an alone backpacker, a couple traveler or a family seeking a quiet holiday away from the mayhem of everyday life, Shimla is best to enjoy your leisure time enjoying fun activities.

Lets's Travel to Rajasthan

Rajasthan Travel

Let's travel to the most desired destination, famous for its historic monoliths and ecstatic forts and pillars. Miles covered dry sand dunes, colorful turbans, fascinating puppet shows, mouth-watering spicy cuisine and cultural rich royal heritage, that's what is a complete compilation of Royal Rajasthan Tour. A perfect blend of Mughal and Rajput architecture.

Delhi-Agra Tour

Delhi-Agra Tour

Delhi capital city of India. A city with fast-paced lifestyle and cosmopolitan culture. Numerous interesting facts and tales of the freedom fighters. Delhi, where you can explore a more than you think of. Place with the most admired monuments that specify its history. Agra city famous for the iconic Taj Mahal. A remarkable example of true love. Among the seven wonders of Earth. A beauty that changes its shade with every couple of hour.

North India offers many beautiful places to spend your time with your family, friends. It offers everything for everyone. Perfect Honeymoon Destinations, adventure lovers and solo travellers. Must explore the beauty of this place.

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